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If you ever engage with self-employed contractors or suppliers - to deliver work directly to your clients on your behalf - it is imperative that you establish the nature of your working relationship from the outset. You will also want to spell out the expected standards of behaviour, but you can't achieve this by just using your employment policies and procedures - unless you want HMRC to start questioning the status of contractor/supplier!

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  • Contractors & Suppliers Agreement: This establishes the nature of the relationship with the individual as an independent contractor - that they must submit their invoices for the agreed fee on headed paper; and that they are solely responsible for payment of all taxes and NI contributions in respect of their fees. The agreement also indemnifies the organisation in respect of any claims that may be made by HMRC for income tax or NI (or similar contributions) relating to their services.
  • Contractors & Suppliers Handbook: The Contractors & Suppliers Handbook sets out clearly the expected standards of behaviour when they are delivering work and services on behalf of your organisation.

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