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Zero Hours Employee Handbook


There's been a lot of bad publicity about zero hours contracts, but the truth remains that many employees choose - and value - the flexibility offered by them. The issue isn't that zero hours contracts are exploitative in themselves, it's just that a few employers have chosen to abuse the relationship for their own purposes.

All of the clients that work with HR Performance are committed to ethical and transparent business practices. All of our clients have genuine flexible, non-guaranteed work opportunities - and they all work in settings where work is seasonal and which ebbs and flows based upon their end-users needs.

It is an example our approach to HR, that when the Government legislated to tackle the abuse of zero hours employees, every HR Performance zero hours resource was already 100% compliant!

The following is just some of the ways that our zero hours resources help our clients be examples of best practice for the employment of zero hours employees:

  • All of our clients issue Zero Hours Offer Letters and Zero Hours Contracts of Employment to their zero hours employees.
  • All HR Performance clients issue their zero hours employees with a complete and legally compliant Zero Hours Employee Handbook.
  • No zero hours employee has a restriction placed upon them to prevent them working anywhere else.
  • Every zero hours employee receives pro-rata holiday pay for each and every hour they work under a zero hours contract.

As for our other employee handbooks, we personalise everything for your business and you can be confident that you'll be legally compliant and professionally engaging with your team of zero hours employees.

All Total HR Support & Advice clients receive free updates to their employee handbooks all the time there is an unbroken contract in place.

Please download the PDF Brochure for further information