Employee Handbooks

National Citizen Service Employee Handbook


We have been supporting our clients to manage their National Citizen Service (NCS) employees for many years. We totally understand the operational challenges you face to deliver your NCS project within the budgets available from the NCS managing agents.

By far the biggest risk that our clients face is that because of the nature of how the NCS funding comes in, many clients are running their schemes with some significant exposures arising from potential breaches of the minimum wage (when taken across the entire project - as a result of the significant hours on the residential elements); by not adequately providing for the holiday pay accrued; as well as breaches of the Working Time Directive in relation to rest periods (caused by the residential element).

To tackle these challenges - as well as providing simple and clear steps to help manage your NCS programme - HR Performance has now developed the following suite of unique NCS resources:

  • NCS Pay Check Excel Spreadsheet: This resource enables you to take the gross amount of money that you have budgeted for a particular NCS position and check to see - that based upon the hours the NCS employee will work across their NCS project - you are paying at least the Minimum Hourly Rate of Pay required by the NMW for every hour they will be working.
  • NCS Guidance Manual for Completing all of our NCS HR Resources: Full step by step guidance on how to utilise and complete all of our NCS HR Resources.
  • NCS Offer Letter Template: This will cover all the various different levels of NCS staff that you will employ.
  • NCS Contract Template: This will cover all the various different levels of NCS staff that you will employ.
  • NCS Staff Handbook: We have uniquely written this handbook for NCS staff - the main body of which comes in at under 20 pages! Much more manageable and NCS user friendly than using your full employee handbook .
  • NCS Training Agreement: This will enable you to deduct the cost of NCS induction training from their final salary, if they leave prior to the end of the project they were recruited for.

All of HR Performance's NCS HR Resources will be fully personalised for your organisation and will give you all the statutory protection required.

Please download the PDF Brochure to see the content of the NCS Staff Handbook