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12 Months Unlimited HR Support & Advice


Total HR Support & Advice: Overview

We have over 30 years of hands-on practical employment law experience. We are solely focused on supporting our clients to manage their human resource through the development of operationally appropriate policies and procedures - and by providing the very best HR Support and Advice. Naturally, we will ensure you can manage your employees professionally, but if your business is being negatively impacted on by under-performing employees, then you need HR support that has a very clear business focus. You'll find HR Performance refreshing, in that we focus our HR advice on helping you to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Helping our clients maximise performance

HR Performance was established in 2002 and over the past 16 years has been working in partnership with 100's of organisations - supporting them to professionally and cost effectively manage their HR responsibilities. Coming from a long and successful commercial background, we now work in more than a dozen different business sectors - and are experts in supporting third sector clients.

Everything you need to manage your HR

For an annual fixed cost, our Total HR Support & Advice provides Employment Offer Letters, Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks - full of all the policies and procedures required to manage your business legally and effectively. Our Total HR Support & Advice also includes our Unlimited Telephone Support providing practical advice and guidance - as well as all of the necessary resources to support you with the day to day challenges of employing staff.

Personalised service 100% of the time

One of the most valued features our Total HR Support & Advice, is that we produce the letters personally for your unique HR situation. You won't ever be downloading a template and then spending ages trying to personalise it to your current situation. We write every single letter that you require, when you require it - and all you need to do is to check it over, add in the relevant personal details of the employee, sign it and send it. And this level of service is included in your annual fixed cost. Every letter also comes with our personal telephone and email support to ensure you can manage any HR situation or HR challenge that you face with confidence.

Why HR Performance is different

Our focus has been on developing a very personalised HR support and advice business which is unique from other providers. Ethics and integrity are the core focus of the business - and transparent pricing and old-fashioned customer service are the abiding principles. All HR performance clients deal with the same advisor every time they call. This means that there is always continuity of support and consistent advice from start to finish.

No cancellation small print

We also don't have any small print about cancelling your contract at the end of a 12 month subscription period. All clients are invited to renew approximately a fortnight from the end of the 12 month contract - and if you choose not to renew, then you're out of contract and free to manage your HR as you see fit. No penalties, no difficult clauses, just transparent and honest business. We want to make it compelling for you to choose to stay - not make it difficult for you to leave.

Free updates to your HR resources for ever

If you do choose to renew your HR Support & Advice for a further 12 months, then we commit to provide totally free updates to all of your HR resources, all of the time you maintain an unbroken Total HR Support & Advice contract.

Excellent service

We launched this HR support and advice model in 2006. Since then, 100% of all clients that have ever taken out an HR contract is still a client of HR Performance today. We have never had a single client not renew their Total HR Support & Advice contract since 2006.

Excellent value

And, we have never increased our prices since 2006 either. Instead, we have used 11 years of continuous growth to add value to the service we provide; and use the economies created by that growth to maintain the most cost effective Total HR Support & Advice available.

100% free updates to your HR resources all the time there is an unbroken HR Support & Advice Contract in place with HR Performance.

Please download the PDF Brochure for further information.